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  • Dining - Dinner
    When would you like dinner Reservations?
    Please add your preferred dining times under the Gift Cert, or food restrictions area of the online form.
    Please call if you have any questions or to select a Private Candle Light Dinner for 2, Picnic Basket, or Chef Table.

    Please call with any questions. 419.562.3013
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  • Dining - Picnic Basket for 2
    Have dinner delivered to your room. You pick the time, and all we need to know is what you want to eat!

    Your gourmet picnic basket is served with choice of 1 entree per person: Beef, Chicken, Fish or Pork; 2 sides of the freshest vegetables and starch the Chef can get at the local markets, home baked bread and butter, dessert and sparkling grape juice.
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  • Package - Bath Time Frenzy "On Fire"
    While you and your love are enjoying dinner, we will place 4 dozen glowing candles around your suite, draw you a hot bubble bath, turn the lights down low and play some soft love music. When you two walk back into your suite the night is set for Romance!
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  • Package - Eat Chocolate Naked
    Eat Chocolate Naked - HideAway's specialty treat!! Our Chocolate Fondue is a fun way to show your special someone how creative you can be! Use your imagination with this display of seasonal fruits, marshmallows, pretzels & two paintbrushes!
    No Instructions Provided.....
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  • Package - Happy Birthday Baby
    Surprise your lover with this "Happy Birthday Baby" gift package. They'll enjoy a birthday cake with birthday candles, balloons, and a happy birthday fizzmo for the Jacuzzi.
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  • Retail - Balloons with Love Notes
    POP POP POP!!! It could be a romantic poem. It could be a coupon for you know what. You and your special someone will have to pop the balloons to find out. Balloons placed in room before arrival.
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  • Retail - Carpet of Flower Petals
    When you and your love check in, you two will find a trail of silk flower petals going from the door to your tub, bed and a collection of flower petals on your bed in the shape of a heart. A great way to set that romantic mood!
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  • Retail - Scavenger Hunt
    We'll place sexy clues all around your room before you and your love check-in! Who said romance can't be fun?
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  • Retail - The Sticky Wicket
    Creamy Warm Liquid Caramel, Whipped Cream, Bananas, Reese Cups, Cherries, Lady Fingers, Paint Brushes and Life Savers.

    No Instructions included :)
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