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STAY 3 NIGHTS and the 4th NIGHT is FREE
Experience your very own "Tour de France" at the Baker House and you'll be guaranteed a winner!

Each luxurious night you will travel to a new destination (just down the hall) without ever having to pack your bags, the butler will do that for you...

Experience ALL FOUR of our French inspired rooms and suites, Versailles, Provence, Bordeaux & Champagne and the 4th night is completely complimentary, plus receive a special momento paired with each room to heighten the experience to euphoric levels.

Book your exciting four night vacation for the price of only three!

OFFER VALID: Sunday-Thursday ONLY ~ Major Holidays Excluded and some peak periods ~ Subject to Availability, * Package Price is equal to the sum of 4 nights minus the averaged cost of 1 room night. * Package price stated is approximate, when calling to make this reservation exact cost will be quoted.